About Me. Seasoned  management and communications professional with more than fifteen years of experience creating content and providing organizational capacity building. Competent, personable, & flexible, with a strong work ethic and dedicated problem resolution skills. Passionate about improving the world and helping people create better lives. 

What I've Done. Created a variety of quality work products. Fostered relationships. Managed communications. Planned events. Provided local, national, and international technical assistance & capacity building. Directed health, wellness, human rights, & civil society programs. Oversaw multi-million dollar grants and programs. Created, tracked, and re-aligned budgets.

Expertise. Program & People Management. Marketing & Outreach. Communications. Wellness Promotion & Health Education. SEO & CMS. Training Coordination. Event Planning. Writing & Editing. Relationship Building. Administration. Systems Implementation. Development. Budgeting & Financial Management. Software Applications. Program Research.